5 | Managing Promotions

5 | Managing Promotions

Step 1 | Create a promo code for single games or events

Navigate to Ticketing >  Events > View Times & Prices > Ticket Info Page
In the ticket settings enter your promo code in the Ticket Tag field by typing it and then pressing "enter" eg "SPECIAL-OFFER" as shown below

Step 2 | Create the offer (3 offer type options)

Navigate to Retail & Hospitality > Offers

Option 1: Standard Promo Code
Enter name & description of your offer > choose "If ticket has the promo code" > choose the offer name >
On the next row choose > apply the discount > Select the discount to offer > click add offer

Option 2: Offer a discount for buying a bundle of events together

Enter name & description of your offer > choose "If event category is" > choose the tag eg "pre season game"
On the next row > Select "and" > choose "if someone has the tag" > choose the tag eg "VIP" 
On the next row choose > apply the discount > Select the discount to offer > click add offer

Option 3: Automatically tag customers based on their purchasing patterns eg if someone buys a child ticket mark them as a "parent"

Enter name & description of your offer > choose "If a ticket sold with tag" > choose the tag eg "child" 
On the next row > Select "give the customer the tag" > choose the tag eg "Parent" > click add offer

Manage and edit existing offers
On the right hand side of the page you can view, search and edit or deactivate your existing offers as seen below

Step 3 | Promo Codes for Season tickets (new!) | Password Tickets

Password tickets, are used to require a pre set password to be entered to allow a purchase to be made
This feature is perfect for when you want to restrict certain staff members from being able to sell tickets.
This feature also allows you to apply a discounted season pass if you need to. You can restrict complimentary tickets to only
be sold by operators who have the password. Password tickets are located in the advanced ticket settings menu and can
be applied to multiple tickets. Once a password has been applied it will be requested during the purchase flow.
Any ticket which has a password will not be visible until the password is entered by the purchaser.

You can activate password tickets online. This will ask customers for a password before they purchase the ticket. 
To do so navigate to admin > settings > click the storefront tab and select yes on the "Password Tickets Online" Option. 

Step 4 | How to apply a promo code when purchasing 

To apply the created promo code, once the ticket is selected on checkout, you will need to enter the code into the box marked 'Enter Discount Code' > Apply: 

You can check if everything is correct and the code is working as expected by clicking 'Show Order Summary':

Membership Scheme

A great way to get your customers excited is to offer memberships with special discounts and offers.  This couldn't be easier when using the Flowte automations and offers functionality.

Create a membership event or product

This will depend on how you intend to use it.  The key thing you need to do is to set the "Category" to be related to the new membership, such as "Member" or more specific if you want it to be a limited length membership.  You can find out more here about creating EVENTS and PRODUCTS, alternatively you can do it using a specific ticket type as part of existing events or seasons, this is set using the TICKET TAG

2. Next you need to create your customer tag for members.  This can be the same as the one used for the event or something else, it won't matter and up to you completely.  You will then need to create an offer rule as follows: 

Auto Assign Customer Tag Using Event or Product

a. Go Retail & Hospitality > Offers
b. Set a name for the rule, description is optional
c. Select "If event category is"
d. Select the tag you just added to the event / product category when creating it
e. Select "then"
f. Select "give the customer the tag"
g. Select the tag that will be automatically assigned to the customer
h. Click "Add Offer"

You could also set it as an item as part of your normal event by doing it with a specific ticket type in a normal event or season: 

Auto Assign Customer Tag Using Ticket

You can get more specific with your auto tag adding.  Similar to the event category rule, you can automatically add a tag to a customer that buys a specific ticket type.  In this example, the tag "Sports Venue" will be automatically applied to a customer who buys any item they buy that has the "Arena" tag. 
a. Go to the offers page
b. Set a name for the rule, description is optional
c. Select "If a ticket sold with tag"
d. Select the tag you wish to trigger the rule or "all" to trigger for any tag
e. "then" should be automatically selected
f. Select "give the customer the tag"
g. Select the tag to be given to the customer after the purchase
h. Click "Add Offer" 

3. Once this has been done, you can now create automations and rules based on it.  All are optional and up to you how you want to handle this.  Here are some examples: 

Auto Send Welcome Email With Membership Details

You can automatically send an email to anyone who buys a membership with a fully custom email template.  This can include details about their membership and the great things they can get! 

1. Create an email template, you can find out more about this HERE 
2. Create a campaign using the template.  You can do this HERE 
3. Create an automation "workflowte" to send the email to the customer by doing the following: 
a. Go to "Fan Engagement" > "Automation"  
b. Click "Add Workflowte" 
c. Set a name for the rule, description is optional 
d. Select "Time after a tag added to contact" 
e. Select the tag that you set to auto apply to the member 
f. Set the amount of time you want it to send after 
g. Set if it is minutes, days, weeks, etc after the tag is set 
h. Select "Send Email to Contact" 
j. Select the email campaign you created in step 2 
k. Click "Save Workflowte" and you're done

Auto Apply Discount For User With Tag

You can automatically discount events for the members.  In this case it will apply the "Half Price" discount to any customers with the membership tag if the event has the category "Arena".
This can be combined with the auto adding of tags to customers above to create a membership scheme among other offers. 
a. Go to the offers page
b. Set a name for the rule, description is optional
c. Select "If event category is"
d. Select the tag you created or set to be automatically added to members
e. Select "and"
f. Select "if someone has the tag"
g. Select the tag that will be given the discount
h. "then" should be selected by default
i. Select "apply the discount"
j. Select the discount you want applied to the sale that matches this rule
k. Click "Add Offer" 

You will need to add the event category for this to trigger, this is covered in our guide  HERE 
Membership Limits: 
Membership limits give you the ability to limit the amount of tickets a customer with a membership can purchase.  

Setting membership limits on an event level.  
By setting limits on an event level,  the limit set will apply to all ticket types in that event. 
Navigate to Ticketing > Events > Select event. 
In the contact limit section, input the figure. This limit will then be applied to all ticket types in the event. 

Setting membership limits on a per ticket level.  
You can set memberships on a particular ticket type. This is useful for when you want to limit how many of one ticket a member can buy. `For example if you have a VIP ticket and want to limit the amount a member can purchase to 2 this can easily be done. 

On the event page, navigate to View/Edit Times and Prices. Press the blue cogwheel to the right of ticket. All ticket options will appear. In the Contact max box, input the figure and click save at the top of the page.