2 | Adding Products

2 | Adding Products

If you have not created a Location yet click the button below to be taken to the Location Knowledge Base article.

Navigate to Retail & Hospitality > Products > Add Product

Location Information

Select the location your product will be held in.

Product Information

Enter the name of the product . Avoid using the special characters < or > or , or . or ' or " or / which can be interpreted differently by different browsers. Product names should not exceed 30 characters.
You can upload a product image should your product name exceed 30 characters to emphasise the name of your product. Next insert additional information for yourself and your patrons.

Product Categories - To add a category, click the green 'Yes' button and enter the tag you wish to associate with this product and your customers. Using tags allows you utilise Flowte's powerful automation features for list building and reporting. You can create loyalty schemes, promotions, and specific marketing campaigns based on these tags.

Product Description - Insert your product description. You may use plain text, copy and paste, or HTML for your product description. To enable HTML please click on 'Source' in the text editor.

Price Information

Here you can add variations of your product

Option Name - Set the name of the variation e.g. "Large" or "Away Jersey
Option Price - Set the price for this specific variation
Option Quantity - Set the current quantity / stock of this variation of the tim
Optional Per Option (click on the blue cog wheel to open)
    • Min - Minimum amount required to purchase this option per order
    • Max - Maximum amount allowed to purchase this option per order
    • Max Scans - Related to products to be scanned
    • Max Scans per Day - Related to products to be scanned
    • Option Description - Custom additional description that will display online
    • Sales Settings
      • Show Description Online - Show the description during online sale
      • Hidden Option - Don't display the option except if via direct url to product
      • Available Online - Item is available to buy online
      • Available Back Office - Item is available to sell by back office operator
    • Option Sales Start Date - Define a date that the item will not be available to purchase until after
    • Option Sales End Date - Define a date that the item will only be available to purchase before
    • Option Tags - Used for reporting and allowing for special offers
    • Option Design - If you want to define a unique emailed "receipt" for an item
    • Option Print Design - If you want to define a unique printed "receipt" for an item

Add Images for each Variation of your Product

In this section, you will be able to use our newest feature: Adding individual images to each variation of your product. Instead of creating different products to sell, you can just include variations of the same product (colour, size, personalized, etc) and show them to your customers. 

You can set it from the get go, or edit already existing products. If you already set the products, and want to edit them, you can Navigate to Retail & Hospitality > Products > Select Product.

Once here, select "Option Pricing", and you will be able to edit each variation, which will then be added in the storefront.

To set different images for just one product, please see here: https://help.flowte.com/portal/en/kb/articles/changing-product-image

Extra Product Charges

Delivery Fees

You must add at least one delivery option for your product tickets. To add an option click 'Yes' and then 'Add Delivery' to add an option and cost.

Clicking the blue cogwheel icon allows you to fine tune availability of delivery options.

Sales Settings 

Available Online - Tickets available for purchase online
Available Back Office - Tickets available for purchase back office
Send E-Receipts - If checked product receipts will be send by email otherwise they will only be printable from the transaction Info page.
Address Required Online - This will force an address to be taken when a customer purchases one of the selected tickets in the online storefront.
Venue Section - Here you can choose to restrict delivery options by venue section. This is especially useful for VIP sections or Seated Products.
Ticket Type - Choose delivery method by type of ticket. You may wish to restrict the delivery of certain tickets, for example limited offers might have to be collected from the box office.
To add a second delivery option click the green 'Add Delivery' button, you may add as many delivery options as you need. 

Taxable Product

Click 'Yes' to add a tax charge to your product.

Tax - Select the tax you wish to add from the drop-down menu. You may create and edit taxes in Settings > Accounts
To learn more about Account Settings

Inside/Outside Charge - Select as required. Your selection here will be reflected in the reports generated about this product.
Area - If your product venue has different sections you may choose to apply different taxes to different areas.
Product Options - You can choose to apply taxes based upon product options here.
Add Tax - To add another type of tax click 'Add Tax' again and use the cog wheel to configure it as before. You may add as many different tax charges as you require

Item Fees

An item fee is added to each ticket in a transaction. You may add an item fee by clicking the green 'Yes' button.

Fee Name - The name you wish to give the fee.
Fee Value - The value of the fee.
Inside / Outside Charge - Select from this dropdown menu as required. Your selection here will be reflected in the reports generated about this product.

Click the blue cogwheel to further customise the fee.

Sales Source - Choose if you would like to charge the item fee Online, in the Back Office, or both.
Area - If your product venue has different sections you may choose to apply different item fees to different areas.
Ticket Type - Choose the product option you wish to apply the item fee to.
Add Fee - To add another item fee click 'Add Fee' again and use the cog wheel to configure it as before. You may add as many different item fees as you require.

Adding an product to your Website
On the Product Info page you will see a section called product URL’s. This gives you the link for your newly created online store pages. You can use the product url to directly sell the product from your website or use your Organisation URL to link to all of the products and products that your organisation has for sale all listed together on one page.
You could use the Product Category URL to create specific pages by category on your website. For example you could have a page for all clothing products or all printed products.

How to Edit an Existing Product / Product Options
1 | To edit existing product details such as Name; Image; Description; etc. go to Retail & Hospitality > Products and select the appropriate product and edit the fields on the screen and click Save
2 | To edit an option, you can select an option to edit on the right of the screen under "Option Pricing"
3 | When complete, click the "Save" button in the top right of the screen.
4 | If you want to disable a product, you can click "Deactivate" or "Activate" if you want to make it available again.