1 | Campaigns

1 | Campaigns


Create targeted lists of contacts. 

Navigate to Fan Engagement> Audiences

Filters: make your list as precise as possible. 

Transaction date. specific transaction time. 
Event Time. Choose contacts from an event time.
Contact tags. Create a list using contact tags.
Event Tags. Create a list using contact tags.
Exclude Lists. exclude previous lists.
Products. contacts that bought a product.
Tickets. contacts that bought a ticket.
Ticket Tags. Create a list using tickets.
Marketing. opt in/out contacts.
Number of Orders. amount of previous orders.
Scanned. scanned or not scanned ticket.
Date: Specify a particular date field.

Show active inactive buttons:
Create lists on active/inactive event/products. 
  1. Set your criteria > generate audience.
  2. See how many contacts were found. 
  3. Input the list name > "Save Audience" .

Create a Mailing and Postal Address List
Download the list as a CSV file.
The file will contain the contact's address information.


To create an email campaign:
Fan Engagement > Campaigns

Select a previously made audience list.

This guide shows how on how to build an Audience

Include list: audience you want this to be sent to.  
Exclude list: exclude a previously created audience.  
Campaign name: name the campaign
Template: Select your predesigned templates. 
Subject: subject line of your campaign.

Save Draft: save your campaign for later.  
Send Test to your email: Get a preview
Send later: Schedule your campaign
Send To Contacts: send it immediately.
Campaigns show as "queued" for a period before moving to analytics app. Flowte sends emails with an incremantal drip feed - campaign results auto update every hour
Pre-defined email layout
Fan Engagement > Templates.

You have 3 sections to work with whilst creating your campaign.
1. Content 
2. Structure
3. Settings


Drag and drop the blocks into your template. 

Text: Add text
Image: Upload and input images from your computer.
Add an image either from your gallery or to upload.
Gif: A format for both animated and static images.
Search for a gif or insert an image link. 

Divider: Separate the content in your template. 
Button: used to direct clickers to another site.  

HTML: Insert your HTML links.
Social: Links to your social media account 
Video: Add video links to your template.


You can edit:
1. The columns in your template
2. Top and bottom margins.
3. Upload a background image
4. change the background colour.  

Customisable options to edit your template.
You can see below the available options

Campaign Analytics

Track the interaction with your campaigns.
Analyze each campaign
Decide which strategies work.

Fan Engagement > Campaigns > Select campaign  

See the email template used for the campaign.
At a glance you are able to see: 
1. The campaign status. 
2. Amount of contacts selected for the campaign. 
3. How many emails were sent. 
4. How many emails bounced. 
5. Total clicks. 
6 Total link clicks. 
7. How many emails were opened. 

Contacts table : contacts selected for the campaign
1.See their status info, and open and click rates.  
2.Export the table into CSV, PDF and Excel files.  
3.Print the table by clicking the Print button.  
4.Clicking a contact's name and see their account

Clicks table 
Contacts that clicked into the email.
Device and browser used

Opens table 
Contacts that opened the email you sent. 
Device and browser used.