1 | Flowte Dashboard

1 | Flowte Dashboard

We have an all new Analytics Dashboard, it's called the Flowte Dashboard! All the relevant data can be found here, from Live Data on the day of the event, to sales and marketing automation. The Flowte Dashboard allows you to quickly see a snapshot of activity in your organisation. It contains key components that will help you gain a clearer understanding of your operations.

Live Scan

In this chart you will see all the relevant data of your event live and on the day. This chart is helpful to see which events are performing well and which ones may need some extra promotion or sales activity.  Your event will automatically become active and visible in the Live Scanning Dashboard once it arrives into the 'Scan Start' timeframe you have given it in your event settings (See guide on how to set the "Scan Start" https://help.flowte.com/portal/en/kb/articles/managing-events).

You can also filter it to show your preferred settings. Pick the Transaction Date, Event Time, and which Events to include in the Dashboard. Also, you get to pick which charts to show or hide. 


Tickets/Products Sold 

This chart shows you the number of tickets sold across all events over a specific timeframe. This chart is helpful to identify peaks and troughs in activity.

Emails Sent

Equally important is the amount of emails sent. Flowte has an automated email campaing integration. You will be able to send campaigns, notes, or any kind of news and offers to your fans! You can even customise the list to which you are sending these emails (Please see guide on how to set this up: https://help.flowte.com/portal/en/kb/articles/managing-campaigns). 

Orders by Source

This chart shows you the number of tickets split between internet order and back office orders. This chart is helpful to see how what percentage of your orders are being driven online. When you drive orders online you reduce your organisational overhead and most importantly you save time. The chart refreshes in real time. 

Total Revenue by Type

This chart shows you the number of tickets sold per offer type or promo code applied across all games / events over the past 7 days. This chart is helpful to identify which offers are effective and which ones are less popular.  This will assist your marketing team to generate better return on investment with future promotions. 

Items by Type

This chart shows you the number of tickets sold per ticket type across all games / events. This chart is specially helpful to identify which ticket types are most popular; combine this with email campaigns, and we are sure you will increase the Fan Frequency!

Spend Per Customer

Get a quick snapshot of your customers KPIs.
Average Customer Spend: The total sales revenue made to date, divided by the total number of customers to date.
Average Order Spend: The average amount spent each time a customer places an order.
Number of customers: The total amount of customers that have bought from you. 

Sales by Time of Day

This chart shows you what time of day customers make purchases the most. It is of vital importance to gain knowledge, and increase the visibility of your product at the right time of the day. It helps you know what is the best time for your marking team to execute marketing communications radio, advertising, etc

When do fans buy tickets? ( Weeks in Advance)

This chart shows you how many weeks in advance of an event people buy their tickets, key in any marketing analysis as well. 

Combining Charts

Make the most out of the Flowte Dashboard; by hiding or showing different filters (tick the boxes you need), you will be able to compare and contrast the information you specifically need. For example, if you combine the Sales by Day chart, and the Emails sent per day, you will be able to see if the email campaigns worked and resulted in sales for your organisation.