5 | Selling a Product

5 | Selling a Product

Navigate to Storefront

The storefront can be used to take telephone or face-to-face orders from your customers. It is possible process any combination of product types in a single sale.
Cart Button: This button can be clicked when you have finished adding items to your basket.
Clear Button: If you wish to cancel your current cart and remove all items you can click the clear button
Search: To the right of the clear button there is a search filter that allows you to quickly find what you are looking for by typing in the name of the item you need.
Sort: You can sort items in the storefront by name or date using the sort filter
Processing a Product
Please note: when a product is added to the Shopping Cart a sales timer of 60 minutes will begin. It is visible in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

This timer prevents products being reserved unintentionally for an extended amount of time, leaving them open for other customers to purchase.
The timer can be reset by selecting the red 'Clear' button and beginning the sale again. 

Selecting A Product

In Storefront - click on the Product you wish to process a sale for.

You will be shown all available stock for the product. Select the items you require.
You may select 'Add To Cart' if you wish to add other items to the cart  or  select 'Add To Cart & Checkout' You will be taken directly to the checkout.


By default the system will show a single line Order Summary of all the items you have selected in your cart and the total price to pay (this will include any discounts; item fees and delivery fees).You can click on Show Order Summary at any time to view each of the items in your order
If multiple delivery options are available you can choose the delivery method for your order by selecting Choose Delivery Method
Opening the Order Summary will give you the option of changing the delivery method for individual items, if required.

No Customer - Selecting this indicates the customer is not a Contact and will not become a Contact. Clicking this will bring you to the payment method options and the transaction will be finished.

Customer - Clicking this will allow you to attach a Contact to the transaction. You can search for a contact using First / Last Name, Email Address, or Phone Number. 
If the Contact is not present, you may Add New Contact using the button provided. NOTE: any details added in the search fields will autofill in the New Contact screen
To select the contact for the transaction, click the green 'Select' button. If you wish to edit a Contacts details click the green 'Edit' button.
You will then be brought to the payment options menu. 

Scan and Sell

When a customer is buying a merchandise item, for example, you can quickly look up their account by scanning their season card (which uses the contact QR code). This will make the process faster at the venues, as opposed to having to manually type in and search for customer details. 

This new feature lets you scan season passes to obtain customer details and links them to the current transaction.



  1. All purchases are linked to the customer
  2. It saves time for operators
  3. It gives loyalty points or benefits (if applicable to the fan)
  4. It gives your company better analytical info about customers
  5. More opportunities for Upsell.

How to use it:

You can test this by typing in the code from the contact card in this new field and you should find the customer record.

Once you have the scanner, it will automatically fill in this field.

  1. Go to customer

  1. Scan the pass

  1. Once you scan the pass it will show you the customer. Simply select it.

Cart Timer

When you first open the storefront a Cart Timer will be shown in the bottom right of the screen. This will count down from 60 minutes after each sale or refresh of the Storefront.
When this timer reaches 00:00 the current cart will be abandoned and a new cart will be opened. The user will see an alert showing this.
The Cart Timer is relevant to the operator if Flowte has been left unattended for some time, in this case the operator should check the cart time upon their return and refresh the page if required.

A number of new features have been made available to make the system easier to use for back-office operators; and to speed the process of making sales. These can be found in the top right of the menu bar (blue buttons):

1 | Express Sale
There is a dropdown in the storefront called Express Sale, this will list all active items in the storefront.
If you choose an item from the dropdown menu, all sales will automatically loop back into this item. This feature is specifically for quick sales.
You may choose to select any other item in the Storefront to add to a cart; once added the screen will auto refresh to the item defined under Express Sale.
To turn off Express Sale just select 'No Express Sale' from the dropdown:

How to use express sales 
At times where you will have a lot of sales happening in quick succession on the day of an item, it may be better to switch to "express sale".
1. At the top of the storefront you have a dropdown called "Express Sale", click it
2. You will see a list of all options currently available to loop.  Select one (see below)
3. Select the item / event  from the menu that you wish to use for Express Sale.
4. Now Make a sale for that same event
4. After each sale, you will be looped back to the same event and section, saving time
5. When you want to stop the express sale, click on the dropdown again and select "No Express Sale": This works well in conjunction with "Auto Print" to help you get through busy sales periods easily.

Processing an express sale (Seated)
1. Select the event 
2. Select your seats and click add to cart and checkout. 
3. You are brought straight to the finalise page, adding customer details is  now disabled.
4. Choose your method of payment and process the transaction.

Processing an express sale (General Admission)
1. Select the event 
2. Select your ticket type and quantity.
3. You are brought straight to the finalise page, adding customer details is  now disabled.
4. Choose your method of payment and process the transaction.