2 | Managing Users & Settings

2 | Managing Users & Settings

Adding Users and Roles

Adding a New Role 
Navigate to Admin > Settings > Users & Roles

1. Input your role name e.g. "Admin", "Marketing", "Accountant". 

2. Determine the applications they will have access to. Click confirm.

3. Determine the functionality the role will have. Click confirm.
4. Click "Add" button.

Adding New Users
Navigate to Admin > Settings > Users & Roles
Here you can create a new user for your organisation:

1. Select the Add User button in the top left hand side of the page. The following will appear. 

2. Set the first, last name and job title of the new user.

3. For the email, it must be unique so it is best to use a longer name.  

4. Select the role of the new user.

Editing Users Roles and Details
Navigate to Admin > Settings > Users & Roles > View the Exisiting Roles section

1. Click the view users blue button next to the role of the user you wish to edit
2. Click Edit User in the pop up box which appears for the user you wish to edit
3. Per the image below change the users role in the drop down menu for role and click sae

User Account

Your user account is how you access the system and allows you to customise some settings: 

Navigate to Admin > Profile

You can change the following settings: 
  1. First Name
    Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Password
  5. Default Venue (if you have more than one venue in your organisation)
  6. Timezone
  7. Your user image (click on the image to upload the new photo)

Reset Password

In a situation where you are unable to log in due to forgetting your password you can regain access by doing the following: 

1. Go to the login screen (https://flowte.me/login/) 
2. Click on "Lost Password" 
3. Fill in the email address you use to log in 
4. If it is an @ flowte.com  email address, contact support to validate the reset.  If it is an email address you have access to, you will receive an email soon after you submit the request. 
5. Once you get the email, click on the link to reset your password.  You will now have the ability to set a new password and log in

Data Import

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Data Import

Here you can import contact, barcode & transaction databases with ease. 
N.B. Please adhere to the 4mb max file size! Divide up larger files & import them in 4mb sized segments if neccessary. 

Account Settings

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Account Settings

Account tab

If you make any changes in the Account page remember to confirm them by using the 'Save Account Settings' button on the top right of your screen.


  • Location Name - This is your organisations name.
  • Country - The country you are located.
  • Timezone - Your timezone, set this carefully as it can affect your Event times (DST etc)
These settings can also be changed in Admin > Profile


  • Upload Logo - Upload your organisations logo here. Recommended format is .jpg or .png. Use .png if you require transparency.
  • Background Image - This is the background image used in Flowte. It is recommended that the image is landscape in profile and at least the same resolution of the screen you will be using.

Storefront tab

If you make any changes in the Storefront page remember to confirm them by using the 'Save Storefront Settings' button on the top right of your screen.

Toggle Settings (Left)

  • Events Available Online - Yes = Events you set up are available in the online storefront. Remember, this is configurable at an Event level also. See E-Commerce > Events for more information.
  • Products Available Online - Yes = Your Products in Flowte are available for purchase online.
  • Services Available Online - Yes = Your Services are available online.
  • Packages Available Online - Yes = Packages you have set up are available online.
  • Marketing Question Online - Yes = Always show marketing questions during online transaction.
  • Customer Question Required - Yes = Customer Question required in back office transaction.
  •  Voucher Available Online - Yes = Vouchers are available for purchase online.
  • Request Donation - Yes = Request donations during the transaction process.
Toggle Settings (Right)

  • Events Available Back Office - Yes = Events are available for purchase in E-Commerce > Storefront
  • Products Available Back Office - Yes = Products are available in E-Commerce > Storefront
  • Services Available Back Office - Yes = Services are available in E-Commerce > Storefront
  • Packages Available Back Office - Yes = Packages are available in E-Commerce > Storefront
  • Marketing Question Back Office - Yes = Marketing Questions are always asked during transactions in the back office.
  1. Contact Address Required Online - Yes = Address always required for an online transaction. No = Only ask for an address when set as part of Delivery options. This is set at the Event level

Required Fields

Using this dropdown menu you can select which fields in the online and back office purchasing flow will be required from the customer.
The items you check as 'required' will need to be input before the customer / back office operator can progress in the sales flow.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Company
Back Office

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
Templates and Donations

All Templates here are created and managed in Admin > Settings > Templates
  • Address Card - Select template for ticket holders address
  • Print Receipt Template - Select template for receipts
  • Print Contact Template - Select template for the Contact Card.
  • Tooltip Text Colour & Background Colour - These are used for colouring the seat selection information box at a seated event.
  • Donation Question - How you wish to ask for a donation. See image below.

  • Donation Response - The text you want to appear in the pop-up after the user adds a donation to their cart.

Enhanced Privacy Questions

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Enhanced Privacy Questions.

These questions are customizable to whatever your requirements may be. As the example above shows, it can range anywhere from marketing preferences to covid protocol compliance.

At the top of the Settings page you will find the corresponding buttons needed to set your questions to Yes (Required) or No (Optional). Each question can be individually set to allow for whichever configuration suits you best.

Below is an example of the questions displayed to customers during the booking process, these questions can be agreed to by clicking the blue tick on the left. The customer's response will then be saved to their contact record.

This feature was designed with covid restrictions in mind, to provide a useful tool to venues reopening after the pandemic while allowing for questions & confirmations concerning vaccinations, covid protocol compliance & other safety measures.
These opt-in are highly customizable, allowing for unique configuration based on each venues individual requirements.
For example, a customer could choose to receive marketing from only one of your multiple venues if desired. They may also prefer to receive marketing only by email & not by post. These are but a few examples of the many preferences which can be defined using the Enhanced Privacy Questions. You will be able to set up to three types of questions per venue for your customers.

Policies & Terms of Service

Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service - Type your various policies in these boxes and click 'Save Storefront Settings' to confirm. These policies will be displayed as links underneath the Storefront Cart.
Customer Question - This question will be displayed when the user is asked for their contact information.

Custom Marketing Questions

You have the ability to customise the marketing opt-in question which is shown during the online sales flow. You may tailor this question to suit your audience however you wish. If you do not enter a custom question the default question will be used.

Your question will be displayed to your patrons as below.

Website tab

If you make any changes in the Website section remember to confirm them by using the 'Save Website Settings' button on the top right of the section.

  • Header Height - This is the header bar at the top of your online storefront. Choose the height, measured in pixels, that suits your needs.
  • Header Colour - The colour of the header bar in your online storefront. You can change this using the included colour selector or input your own hex colour value.
  • Font Type - Choose the font you would like to use here.
  • Cart Button Size - Choose the size you would like the cart button to be online. Default = Large. Useful if you have made a narrow header and want the cart button to look in proportion.
  • Font Colour - The colour of the font used in the headings in the storefront.
  • Background Colour - Background colour for the storefront.
  • Item Button Colour - This is the colour of the buttons used to select your Products, Events, Services, etc.
  • Item Button Secondary Colour - This is the 'on hover' colour of the buttons. I.E. When you move your mouse over a button it will changer from 'Item Button Colour' to 'Item Button Secondary Colour'
  • Cart Button Colour - The colour of the Cart Button.
  • Cart Button Secondary Colour - This is the 'on hover' colour for the Cart button.
  • Logo Redirect URL - If a user was to click your organisations logo at the top left of the Online Storefront they would be taken to the web address you put in here.
  • Show Background Image Online - Yes = Use the background image you set above for Flowte as the background image for your online storefront.
Integrations tab

If you make any changes in the Integrations section remember to confirm them by using the 'Save Integration Settings' button on the top right of the section.

PCA predict api key

Using the PCA Predict service you can enable automatic address completion and validation across the Flowte system, online and back office. To read more about setting up your PCA Predict account navigate to Admin > Settings > PCA Predict Setup Guide.
Google Analytics ID

Insert your Google Analytics ID in this section for Analytics integration. This will enable you to track and report on your website traffic.

Google Adwords

For conversation tracking and Google AdWords campaign management, insert your conversion id, label and image URL's in this section and click Save Integration Settings

Top 5 User Errors

If you are  experiencing performance issues, there are a number of common local issues which should always be checked and ruled out before contacting support as follows:

1. Is you internet connection stable, working and no n congested.
2. Have all your Computers been removed from the local network and local firewall
3. Are your computers running Google Chrome to access Flowte
4. Have you cleared the cache of the browser 5. Allow Pop Ups:
5. Have you allowed pop ups? To do this in Google Chrome Chrome Click >Settings> advanced settings >in the "Privacy" section> Content settings> In the "Pop-ups" section, select "Allow all sites to show pop-ups."
6. You cannot access Flowte back office and Flowte online sales via different tabs in the same browser. This will cause caching issues. To remedy this please clear your browser cache

Flowte Cache Clearing Configuration

In order to troubleshoot and resolve common local issues, a full cache clean is an essential step before contacting support. To ensure a full and effective cache clean, we recommend using the following tool:
Below are instructions on how to clear cache using the Auto Clear Browsing Data Tool and also manually: 

Clearing Cache Using Auto Clear Browsing Data tool:
1. Follow the link above to the Google Chrome extension and click 'Add To Chrome' to install. Once installed, it will appear in the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser, under the Extensions icon. 
2. Click on add task button
3. Enter task identifier.
4. Select time interval between removal of data - we suggest a twice per day interval. 
5. Select data type set to be removed; Websites' appcaches, the browser's cache, and cache storage.
6. Click on add button.
7. Click on apply changes and reload button to start executing the task
8. See the event log to verify if the task is properly executing.

Clearing Cache Manually:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More .
  3. Click More tools. Clear browsing data.
  4. At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select "All time"
  5. Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes.
  6. Click Clear data.