2 | Managing Orders

2 | Managing Orders

Selling Tickets

Navigate to Storefront

The storefront can be used to take telephone or face-to-face orders from your customers. It is possible process any combination of product types in a single sale.

Cart / Clear: This button can be clicked when you have finished adding items to your basket. If you wish to cancel your current cart and remove all items you can click the clear button.

Search: Allows you to quickly find what you are looking for by typing in the name of the item you need.

Sort: You can sort items in the storefront by name or date using the sort filter.

Processing a Ticket

Please note: when a ticket is added to the Shopping Cart a sales timer of 60 minutes will begin. It is visible in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

This timer prevents tickets to events being reserved unintentionally for an extended amount of time, leaving them open for other customers to purchase.

The timer can be reset by selecting the red 'Clear' button and beginning the sale again. 

Selecting An Event

  • In Storefront - click on the Event you wish to process a ticket for.

1. You will be shown all available tickets to the event. Select the tickets you require.
2. You may select 'Add To Cart' if you wish to add other items to the cart after, for example; tickets to another event, Services, or Products. When you have finished, click the green 'Finalise' button at the top of the screen to be taken to the checkout.
3. If you select 'Add To Cart & Checkout' You will be taken directly to the checkout.


By default the system will show a single line Order Summary of all the items you have selected in your cart and the total price to pay (this will include any discounts; item fees and delivery fees). 
  • You can click on Show Order Summary at any time to view each of the items in your order

If multiple ticket delivery options are available you can choose the delivery method for your order by selecting Choose Delivery Method

No Customer - Selecting this indicates the customer is not a Contact and will not become a Contact. Clicking this will bring you to the payment method options and the transaction will be finished.

Customer - Clicking this will allow you to attach a Contact to the transaction. You can search for a contact using First / Last Name, Email Address, or Phone Number.

1. If the Contact is not present, you may Add New Contact using the button provided. NOTE: any details added in the search fields will autofill in the New Contact screen.
2. To select the contact for the transaction, click the green 'Select' button. If you wish to edit a Contacts details click the green 'Edit' button.
3. You will then be brought to the payment options menu. There is extra options present with a known Customer - Invoice. This attaches the charge for the Event to the Contact. 
4. When the desired payment method is selected, click 'Pay' to complete the transaction.
5. If you select card and the customer is present you will need your credit card swipe. When you swipe the card the card number, card expiry month and date and cardholder name will automatically populate. You will need to   manually enter the cvv2 three digit code from the back of the card and then hit pay to complete your order.

Held Tickets

GA Hold

When you are processing tickets to a GA event which has held tickets associated with it you can choose to sell from the Available ticket stock, or from a specific Hold you have set up.

This feature enables you to have more control over your Holds. In the drop-down menu above you can see that I have selected a hold I have set up, called Hold 1 which contains 25 tickets. If I sell the three tickets I have selected the capacity of this hold will decrease to 22. If these tickets are exchanged or refunded the capacity of the hold will increase by 3.

Seated Hold

Selling a held ticket to a seated venue is identical to selling a non held ticket. The seats which have been held will be highlighted in the colour selected when the hold was set up and when you hover over the seat the hold information will be displayed.

In the picture above we have 9 seats coloured blue which have been held. To sell one of these seats select it as normal and click Add to Cart.

Cart Timer

When you first open the storefront a Cart Timer will be shown in the bottom right of the screen. This will count down from 60 minutes after each sale or refresh of the Storefront.
When this timer reaches 00:00 the current cart will be abandoned and a new cart will be opened. The user will see an alert showing this.
The Cart Timer is relevant to the operator if Flowte has been left unattended for some time, in this case the operator should check the cart time upon their return and refresh the page if required.

So it displays as:

Auto Print (Toggle Option)

This feature allows automatic loading of the tickets to print without the previous intermediary steps (when you  had to click on the green Print Tickets button).

The logic applied to what prints is if the cart contains a package, a contact is present and a contact card template is set, the system will load the contact card layout. In all other scenarios it will load the tickets.

If you need to print a specific ticket type (contact card / ticket) you can click the Last Order: located in bottom right corner and print from the transaction info screen as before.

To set the Auto Print option by default at organisation level (rather than have each operator toggle the option from the Storefront settings above) you can go to Settings > Account Info > Storefront and set the Auto Print option to 'YES'

Storefront Views
List View:

 Benefits of the list view storefront include:

- Speed: your storefront will now load much faster than previously.

- Less space: scroll the page to find events, products & packages easily.

- Easy to use filters: use the filters to further narrow down your search. 

Tile View:
You can easily change back to the tiles view by clicking the blue cogwheel to the right of the clear button.

Select the show tiles button and your storefront will change back to how it was previously.

Order Management

Refund Options

Standard Refund or Reprint (system admins only)
This is a standard refund which will return funds to the original method of payment. 
For example, if the transaction was paid by card, this will return funds to card; if this
was a cash transaction, the transaction will be recorded as refunded in the system 
and you will need to issue a cash refund of the physical monies.

1. Log in to flowte.me.
2. Navigate to Fan Engagement > Contacts.
3. Search for the contact who needs a refund or reprint.
4. Click the Edit button next to the order you wish to refund or preprint.
5. Click the green "refund transaction" or "Print Items" should you need to reprint and order.

Express Refund or Reprint (available to all agents)

After an order has been completed you can always quickly reprint an order as follows:
1. On Storefront page in bottom right hand side of screen you will see a "last order" information box.
2. Click on the "last order" box.
3. Click the green "refund transaction" or "print items" as needed.

Refund to Other

This feature is used when you are unable to process to a refund to a credit card that has expired. You will need to arrange an alternative method in order for your customers to receive funds via check, cash, etc. By selecting refund to other the transaction is subsequently recorded on your Flowte account. This feature is beneficial to you as you are able to process the refund and report on it also.

Below are steps on how to refund to other.
1. Search for the contact. There are two ways to do so:
a. Search for contact: Navigate to Fan Engagement > Contacts > Select the transaction.
b. Search using the transaction number: Fan Engagement > Transaction Search > Input the transaction number.

2. Refund the transaction.
a. In the top right hand corner of the screen select the red "Refund Transaction" button.
b. From the options select Refund to Other.

Refund to Hold

This is used to refund a transaction to the original method of payment (as with the standard 'Refund' option outlined above), however in this instance the seat / seats will simultaneously have a hold applied. This means the seat will not be available for sale online, but will be available for sale via the back office and will show as a different colour on the seatmap. Select the the hold you would like and click Refund.

Methods of Payment (MOP)
Flowte accepts a variety of payment options, also making it easier for you to manage your ticket office & record data.
When you click on 'Customer' or 'No Customer' you get the following MOP options. 

Cash: For payments made with cash.
Card: For payments made with card over the phone.
Card Reader: For payments where the customer is present. The card reader is faster & easier then "card".
Other:  Used for alternative payment methods. This is commonly used for payment via cheque or bank transfer.
Gift Voucher / CertificateIf your customer has a gift certificate and wants to use this as payment for a storefront order you can process this order via the "other" mop.

Price Override

Process the sale as normal until you get to checkout. Select price override in the top right hand corner.
The following page will appear. Here you can:
1.  Remove item fees.
2. Remove Transaction fees.
3. Update item price. To update item price input the amount you'd like and click the "Update Item Price" button.

Reservations & Invoices

Reservations are useful for transactions which will be paid in the future with no payment taken at point of purchase.
NB: If you untick "Send Email Confirmation"  customers will not receive tickets until final payment is made. 

Creating Invoices. 
If you need to send an invoice to customers whose tickets are reserved you can design an invoice for them by navigating to Ticketing > Tickets > Add Confimration Email. Here you can deign and save your invoice template.
To activate the invoice template navigate to Admin > Settings > Reserved Email Template. Here you can choose your template and then click "Save Storefront Settings" Once a reservation template has been applied this will be automatically sent to your customers anytime you select reservation as the method of payment when taking storefront orders.


Processing a reservation / invoice order
1. Select  'Customer' > This will link the resevation to the contact. It will also show as a reservations in your reports.
2. Select the "Reservations" MOP.
3. When the customer is ready to pay > Search for contact or transaction:
4. Navigate to Fan Engagement > Contacts > Select the transaction or use the transaction search app.

5. In the top right hand corner select Refund Transaction.

6. Select refund to hold > choose pay invoice.
7. Navigate to the storefront > make the sale again and take payment via the new method of payment.


If a customer wants to exchange their ticket you can easily do so with the exchange feature. This feature is beneficial to you and your customers because you are able to exchange a ticket for another one in your organisation. To perform an exchange the order value must match the original order value.

1. Navigate to Fan Engagement> Contacts > Search for the contact that requires the exchange.
2. Using the transaction table, select the transaction you want to exchange.
3. On the transaction page in the top right hand corner you have a blue "Exchange Transaction" button. Select Exchange Transaction.

4. You will then be brought to the storefront where you can purchase a new ticket. Make sure the order value matches the original order value.

5. Select finalise and your exchange is complete.

Gift Cards / Vouchers / Certificates
If a customer wants to use a gift card to pay for their order Flowte accept 3rd party gift cards or Flowte Gift Vouchers.
To apply a gift voucher payment against an order follow the steps below as shown in the image which shows a €20 voucher
being applied against a €40 order.

Step 1: Click Price Override.
Step 2: In the price box deduct the voucher amount.
Step 3: Enter the voucher number in the order note / voucher number input box (as shown above).
Step 4: Click "Update Item Price".
Step 5: Finish the order as normal.

Fulfilment & Batch Printing

This app allows you to batch or bulk print any orders received via the Storefront.

Navigate to Retail & Hospitality > Fulfilment
To begin select a date range for the orders you want to have displayed.

Using the 'Select Date' dropdown menu you can choose a pre-defined date ranges or choose a "custom date range". Selecting any option (except Custom Date) will automatically refresh the report to display any data matching this range.

Selecting Custom Date will enable the date picker function. To choose a beginning and end date for your report click in the text field to open the calendar and select the date by clicking it.

Specify the start & end date for your report click the green Update button on the right side of your screen to generate the report.

Use the Filters to further narrow your search 

Order Fulfilment
Example: You wish to print all orders, which were marked for box office collection and where the order was placed this week.
Click the Filters button.
Specify 'This Week' from the dropdown Transaction Date filter.
Specify box office collection from the Delivery method drop down.
Finally select only those orders which have not already been fulfilled by selecting No from the “Fulfilled” drop down menu option.
Click Update > This displays all items matching your criteria. If you are happy with this list, click 'Print Listed Tickets'.
After printing you will be asked to confirm that the orders printed successfully?
Clicking yes marks these orders as fulfilled This avoids any double printing of orders.

Search, Columns, and Export

Using the search bar you can search for a specific entry by name. Enter a search term and the list will update as you type.
The 'Column Visibility' menu lets you add or remove columns. Click a heading to hide it, click again to return it.
Your list of orders may be exported in CSV, PDF & Excel format. Clicking the relevant button to begin download the file.
Clicking the print button will take you to a 'Print Preview' where you can print the report in the format you require.

The dropdown located on the top right of the report allows you to see 10, 25, 50, and 100 entries per page.