8 | Flowte Social

8 | Flowte Social

Manage Social Accounts

Before you can get your social media data on your dashboard, you need to add/connect your social accounts to your Social Dashboard management area. Navigate to Fan Engagement > Social

Connect a Social Account 

1. You can add multiple social accounts to your Social Dashboard by clicking each button in this section. 
  1. After clicking on each button, you will be redirected to its permission request form on that social network.
  2. You confirm the permissions requested and will be redirected back to Social Dashboard.
  3. Finally, you can find the account added in section 2 displaying some information.
2. This section lists all of your previously added Social Accounts including some information about them. 

To disconnect a social account from your dashboard, click on the "disconnect" button on its item. 

Post an Update

You can post status updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest or multiple accounts by clicking "Post an update" button from the top navigation bar.

1. Select/check the accounts you want to post your status message to from the list.
2. If you want to share a link along with your message, paste it here.
3. Write your status message in this box.
4. Drag & drop or browse your images from your computer to the form.
5. If you want to schedule your post to be sent by a later time, set the Schedule date field.
6. Click the Send button to post the message immediately.

Manage Scheduled Posts
Here, you can manage your scheduled status posts. You can stop sending your scheduled posts to your social account by deleting them from this table. You can also view the post details or check its sending status on this table.