7 | Flowte Account Login

7 | Flowte Account Login

Flowte Account Sign In   
With the Flowte sign on feature, when making an online purchase on the storefront you now have the option to sign up.  Customers can now sign up and store all their information under one account. This also allows you to offer special discounts or restrict ticket types to different demographics. In the top right hand side select 'Login/ Signup"

Signup using Google Apple Facebook or email. If you sign up by email you will be sent a verification code which you need to complete the signup. Once signed in Flowte will remember your contact details for future purchases. 

Restricted Ticket Types & Account Based Pricing    
Adding a contact tag to a ticket type to allow for tagged users to be able to access restricted ticket types. Login into Flowte > Navigate to Fan Engagement > Contact > Create a contact tag.  

1. Navigate to Ticketing > events 
2. Select the event you want the tag associated with.
3. Click View/ Edit Times and Prices dropdown > select the section and ticket type you want to add the tag to.
4. Add contact tag(s) from the drop down list (should include the one you assigned to your contact).
5. Click save. 

Go to your online storefront- choose the event / time you added the tag to - check that the tagged ticket does not display.  
Note:  Only customers who have signed up and are tagged will be able to see the ticket you tagged.  
Once your customers with the contact tag you have created sign in they will then be able to view and purchase the ticket.