8 | Forms

8 | Forms

Go to Fan Engagement > Forms 

Click "Add Form" and the following page will appear.  

1. Set the name and description of your form. 
2. Set visibility to online, back office or both
3. Choose to make the form inactive or active. 

Question Types
a. Question With Text Answer: user replies using text.
b. Single Select: choose one answer from list
c. Multi Select: choose multiple answers from list.

Form Info
"Add Form Info" button: information or description. 

Form Settings
After you create your first form: 

Submit form - View Answers - View Online Form
Add Trigger: 

1. Choose Trigger: select event or product basis
2. Choose Value: select item to link to form
3. Choose Form: Select the form to use
4. Select the "Add Trigger" button to confirm

Form Reports and Responses
Ways to view responses:

Option 1:
Go to Fan Engagement > forms > View answers
Detailed reports and charts will show
If your form is linked to an event or product you can see form details on the associated order info page

Option 2: 
Navigate to Fan Engagement > transaction search
search for any order > customer's form responses