9 | Creating Forms

9 | Creating Forms

Navigate to Fan Engagement > Forms 


Select the "Add Form" button. The following page will appear.  

Set the name and description of your form. 
Select whether it will be visible online & back office, back office only or online only. 
Choose to make the form inactive or active. 

Question Types
  1. Add Question With Text Answer: Here you can ask a questions where the user replies using text.
  2. Add Single Select Question: The user is asked to pick only one answer from a pre-determined set of responses of two or more options.
  3. Add Multi Select Question:  This requires respondents to identify one or more correct answers in a list of possible answers.
Form Info

To add information or a description to your form click "Add Form Info" button. 

Form Settings

After you create your first form you will get the following options. 

Submit form: you can submit the form from the back end on Flowte. 
View Answers: this shows you all your respondents and the answers they gave. 
View Online Form: shows you what the form looks like. 
Add Trigger: 

Choose Trigger: select from event, product service or donation.
Choose Value: here you select what you want to add the form to.
For example if the trigger you chose was event then your value will be the name of the event. 
Choose Form: Select the form you will like to use. 
Select the "Add Trigger" button to confirm. 

Form Reports and Responses
Once a customer submits a form there are two ways to view their response as follows:
Option 1: Navigate to Fan Engagement > forms > "your form name" > click view answers > you will see a report with details for each answer and charts showing trend in overall resposnses per below.
If your form is linked to an event or prodduct you will also see details of the associated order in this report including, transaction number, contact name and contact email address

Option 2: Navigate to Fan Engagement > transaction search > search for any order > the customers form response details will be shown on the order info page as shown below at bottom of the page