3 | Changing Product Images

3 | Changing Product Images

Navigate to Retail & Hospitality > Products > Select Product

We have now updated the products section to include multiple images per product. You will be able to show different images, and better display details of whatever you are trying to sell.

1. When you select the product, you will be in the "Product Info" section.  Here you will see the currently set image (or the placeholder if none is set)

2. When you place your cursor over the image the display will change to indicate you can click.

3. When you click on the arrow icon it will ask you which image file to upload, select the file you want to upload

There is a file size limit of 20mb.  Keep in mind, the larger the image the longer it will take for your customers browsers to display it depending on multiple factors so it is advised to limit the dimensions and size of the image to give you the best combination of quality to speed. Also, we suggest using PNG. images; this way, they will all be the same size.

4.  A loading bar will appear when you select your file, once complete the image will change.  At times it may appear blank in some browsers but if you reopen the product image it will display correctly

5.  You're finished, you should now see the new images in the back office and online.

In the storefront, you will see it displayed in the following way:

We believe this new feature makes selling a product much easier!