3 | Detail Report

3 | Detail Report

This is the most detailed report in the Flowte system. 

Navigate to Analytics > Detail

Once in Detail, please select your desired date range & you will see the above image. Here, you will have a selection of filters to allow for more control over your Detail Report.

  1. Transaction date: Select your transaction date. You can choose pre set time filters or use a custom date filter to generate the report you need.
  2. Event Time: Select your event time range.
  3. Purchaser: Filter using a customer's name.
  4. Contact: Filter using a contact's name.
  5. Contact Phone: Filter using a contact's phone number.
  6. Contact Email: Filter using a contact's email address.
  7. Status: Select "All" to see all all transactions including refund, select "Complete" to see all transactions excluding refunds.
  8. Package: Filter using packages.
  9. Entrance: Select the entrances to appear in the report. 
  10. Delivery: Filter using delivery method.
  11. Marketing: View transactions of contacts that opted in or out.
  12. User: Filter using a user's name.
  13. Source: Filter by source, All (online and back office) or back office only.
  14. Hold: Filter by seat holds.
  15. Type: Filter by event or product.
  16. Residents number: Search using the resident numbers.

Customize Columns  

Decide the columns of data you want visible in your report. 

Scroll horizontally to make viewing large numbers of columns easier.

If you are a Mac user & the scroll bar is not displaying for you, please enable it on your system. This can be found in System Preferences > General & enable "Show scroll bars" to "always", as shown below.

Export The report to CSV, PDF and Excel. You also have the option to print the report.